Maya L. Trimner


I was taught to draw by my father. One day, a Tang jar was set in front of me, to which he said, “Draw it exactly as you see it.” I will never forget the look on my parent’s faces when I was done…I was six or seven. They critiqued me harshly and it pushed my limits for many years.

I was obsessed with Disney and tried to copy the style of Disney animators. I took private lessons as a preteen with comic-book artist Tom Alvarez whom I was lucky enough to learn from for almost a year before he said, “There’s nothing more I can teach you. You’re on your own, kiddo.” I was inspired and heartbroken, as he was my mentor, yet I knew it was time to fly.

Throughout the years, I got scolded many times for erotic drawings of sexy and nude women on the back pages of coloring books. I think this foreshadowed a passion for pinups such as those done by Olivia de Bardinis and the erotic artists of today. I also have a love of many great Japanese artists and pieces of their souls creep into many of my characters.

I worked as a makeup-artist for thriteen years which fine-tuned my skills for painting skintones. I have been a member of the Connecticut Portrait Society since 2010 and exhibited in UCONN, the Hutchins Gallery @ C.W. Post and the Nassau Comptroller’s Building.

In 2015 I will have the honor of exhibiting an artwork commission in the Child Portrait exhibition by the Connecticut Portrait Society.

I can draw commissions for special occasions or as an heirloom for you and your family. I can also position deceased loved ones into the portrait at your request! I specialize in but am not limited to:




couples (non-erotic)